Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thanking God for this Amazing Time

I had planned on posting something new by now, but we had a slight casualty with an adapter and thus we had no way to charge the laptop.  We have a converter now so we're good to go....for awhile.  Yesterday as we woke up, he seemed very still in his bed.  Michelle went to him and he seemed to ignore her.  We were worried that he might be confused, or scared, or something.  Then, he suddenly rolled over with the biggest smile and showing those big dimples of his and he pointed to the other room, ready to get up.  He had a big breakfast (he is a very good eater) and he loves milk.  In fact, he tries to drink it so fast he almost can't help but pouring it down the front of his shirt.  Not that he is that messy, but he just wants it more and more.  We hung out in the apartment awhile, watching some Baby Einstein videos.  He seemed to like the video ok, but he definitely liked the music.  He is going to be a musician someday, I have no doubt about that.    After playing and hanging out awhile, then lunch and a short nap (during which time we skyped with our kids back home and Thank You Lord for giving someone the wisdom and technology to develop Skype!!!), we then were taken to the police station to fill out some papers and get his picture taken for his passport/visa.  While we were waiting, I stayed inside and Michelle took him outside for just a bit.  He is definitely a momma's boy already.  When it was time for his picture, they wanted him up on a stool.  He was too short to sit on it and be in the picture.  But he does not like being picked up, not at all.  So he was very unhappy to be put on the stool to sit on his knees.  He was told to smile and he gave a very big, cheesy, but very forced smile for about 1/2 a second.  Needless to say, the camera caught the very unsure look just a fraction of a second later.  But it was what happened immediately following that was so special.  When he got down, he ran to me and wanted me to hold him.  He leaned into my chest, knowing that I would protect him.  Michelle noticed it too and we were both very thankful that he already sees us as his security.  Now don't forget, I said he was a momma's boy.  More on that to come. 

After the police station, we decided to take a walk around the city.  And walk we did.  I can't believe that his little legs walked around that much.  Remember, he does not like to be picked up, which includes being held.  We went through a park in the middle of the city and got some ice cream.  Oh my goodness, he ate it in a hurry and was ready for more.  We then went to two different playgrounds.  He very much wanted to be involved, and he loved watching the other kids play but he was just a little unsure himself.  That's ok, it will come.  At one time, I was following him and he looked up and noticed that Michelle wasn't right there.  "Mama!!"  He looked around for her.  Again, "Mama!"  Now mind you, this was never a scared cry, just a shout to make sure she was there.  Then he saw her and ran her way.  He didn't run up to her, he just played in that part.  He just needed to know that she was there.  This may seem like such a small thing, but I would imagine that most of you reading this will understand how huge this is and how grateful we are that he is understanding and accepting his place with us.   He was still wandering around watching others when he finally got the courage to step up on a small step and jump off.  "Bravo", we said.  He liked being acknowledged and so he did it again.  "Bravo".  He then decided that he would let me lift him up on to the slide.  He didn't want to climb the steps, but he was ok with me lifting him.  Perhaps a prelude to being lifted and held, we will see.  After walking around a bit more, it was time to eat and venture back to the apartment.  He curled up with us on the couch and we watched the movie Cars.  He loved it.  Of course, everytime we walk down the street, he says (in his own language) car...car.....car......car.  So we had no doubt he would love the movie.  Then it was bedtime and he goes to bed so great.  If he is scared, he is keeping it to himself and not saying a word.  A little worried that this could be the case, we went in to his room a few times just to assure him that we were there, we aren't going anywhere and he is safe.  (He probably thought, 'leave me alone, I'm tired'  :)

Then this morning, with no computer to finish the movie we had started, we ventured out for some short walks.  Just a very relaxed day until this evening when we went to dinner.  We decided to go to a traditional restaurant with singers and traditional native folk dancing.  It was about a two and a half hour dining experience, but he loved it.  He was so intrigued by the singing and dancing.  He was holding a roll of mints (just for something to hold on to) and he began singing into it like a microphone.  Then he heard a trumpet playing and he began to "play" the roll of mints like a trumpet.  This caught the eye of one of the singers and she came over to him and asked his name.  He was a little shy, but very excited to be included in the show.  At one time, when I was taking him to the bathroom, he was a little upset that I was having him wash his hands instead of letting him rush back to the table.  As soon as were dried, he tried to run off and he yelled, "Mama".   Seeing Michelle, he smiled and was good.  As the evening wore on he was getting a little tired so he crawled up into her lap and let her hold him, her arms around him and his around her.   Big step.  Thank you Lord.  We are so very grateful.  We know that we cannot expect every day to be like this and we are prepared for whatever may come our way, but we are very grateful for the way the Lord has blessed this first leg of our journey.  As I sit here writing this, thinking of how the first few days have gone and knowing that it is entirely God's doing, I am a bit overwhelmed.  Coming into the adoption world a bit reluctantly, God had to break me down and show me that I am not in control, it is nothing I have power over and it's not about me.  Now, after breaking me down and getting me to surrender the process to Him completely, He has given us this wonderful ....well, the only word I can think of is family.  That's what we are.  Family.   Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."   Thank you Lord for revealing to me my God given desires and thank you for fulfilling them. 

God bless you all. 


  1. LOVE this post, thanks for sharing as we are thinking and praying for you over there. Calvin has always done great going to sleep and nap, never cried for fear. First few weeks home were harder for him (tantrums). Praying he continues to bond and do well.

  2. Thanking Jesus for blessing you with a wonderful son who seems to be attaching amazingly well. So happy for you all. We prepare for the worst and sometimes God just surprises us with the best. God is so good and it is great to read how good He has been to your family!!! Reading this reminds me so much of our time with Andrew in Bulgaria. It brings tears to my eyes for you all. Enjoy these days!!!

  3. You are making me cry!!! God is so amazing and I am so proud of you for risking your hearts to adopt this little boy! Thank You Thank You Thank You!! This is all so precious :)

  4. We're overjoyed for your family and love hearing your good news.