Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting Comfortable

Yesterday we walked around town some more.  We went to an underground mall area in an old subway.  We had remembered this place from our first trip in April.  And oddly enough, when going into a certain store, the store owner there remembered us as well.  We did a little shopping and then went up to ground level.  We were in front of the presidency building and finally saw the changing of the guard out front.  We had tried to see this back in April but always seemed to miss it by just a couple minutes.  While we were watching, we caught the first glimpse of a melt down.  He didn't want to stop, he wanted to keep walking.  When we stopped, he started screaming and pulling away and wanted to do what he wanted to do.  Hmmmm, more on that later.  After we got him calmed down, we headed back for lunch and a quick nap.

We had to wake him up from his nap because we had an appointment with the local clinic for a medical check-up that is needed to complete the passport/visa.  When we were picked up to go to the clinic, there was another couple with us from Louisiana.  They are adopting sibling boys, ages 2 and 3.  A very nice couple and our son was excited to see other kids going along with us.  We had a pretty long wait at the clinic but he did wonderfully.  He was very passive sitting in Michelle's lap and seemed concerned that one of the other boys were upset.  Our little guy seems to be very caring and compassionate.  The Dr. was very nice and we were in and out of the exam quite quickly.  Upon leaving, we asked to be dropped off at the mall where we got a few essentials needed at the apartment.  At the grocery store, we got one of the carts with a little car in the front.  He absolutely LOVED it.  He was cracking up as we shopped through the store.   After shopping, we went to put the cart away.  I was afraid there would be a fight but he got out when I told him we were done.  What a good boy.  As we walked out of the store, we saw a little car that you put some money in and take a ride.  We let him ride it.  He again was cracking up.  Then when it was over......that's when it happened.   Melt down!!   He did not want to stop riding in the little car.  He was screaming.  Pulling away.  Real tears started to flow.  He was not a happy boy.  I was in another store while Michelle took him on the escalator.  He had loved riding the escalator before, but now he was still focused on the car.  I came out and we both took him out of the mall.  He started to calm down, but kept sniffling and would occasionally whine a little and say "Kova" (car).  He eventrually calmed down.  Crisis averted.  We stopped by a playground and let him play a bit before taking the long walk back.  Remember, we had been dropped off at this mall.  We stopped on the way back at a street-side pizza place and got a couple slices of pizza.  (Three big slices, I mean BIG, with two drinks for a total of about $6 American dollars.  Gotta love the food prices here.)  We sat and ate in the main pedestrian boulevard and enjoyed people watching for a bit.  We then headed back to the apartment to turn in early for a change.  Before bedtime, we decided to try the bath again and he suddenly loved it.  He wanted to play and splash around.  He didn't love getting shampoo and water on his face, but he handled it well and was perfectly fine when we wiped it off with a cloth.  After the bath, we were watching TV and the movie Garfield was on.  He laid next to me on the couch and was cracking up at the movie.  Again, very comfortable as if it had always been like this.  Bedtime went very well again and then was our chance to skype with the kids at home.  A very wonderful ending to another long day. 

This morning, he apparently decided to wake up and spend the morning testing us.  He kept pushing the limits and checking to see what else he could get away with.  Sometimes being a little silly, sometimes being outright defiant and whiny.  We've been prepared for this and we've been reading up on it so it was no surprise that as he got more comfortable with us he would begin to test us.  But my thought is, why would this behavior surprise any of us?  Isn't that exactly what we all do with God?  When we give our lives to Him, we just can't believe that anyone would love us the way that He does and we are on fire, obedient to do what He asks and just thrilled to be in His presences.  Then we get a little comfortable and start wanting to do things ourselves.  We test the boundaries, sometimes being completely defiant.  And just as our Father always accepts us back with unconditional love, our son will also learn that while our spirit might be tested, our love will never fail and we will continue to love him unconditionally.  We aren't going anywhere, just like our Father is always there.  Yes, we expect tough times.  We expect times to be frustrated and we expect times to be discouraged.  There may even come a day when it is so discouraging that we want to sit down and cry.  My only question that I have for myself and for all of you often does our Father weep at our behavior.

The parallels to our son's adoption and our adoption into God's family again shows itself to me. 

Thank you Lord for always loving me and continually teaching me.


  1. So great reading about your experiences, and what an awesome analogy at the end.

    Can't wait to see you guys again!!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. I just got back from my walk this morning and had been praying for you all. I came in and was able to read your update. I forgot about that moment when Andrew felt more comfortable and then tried pushing the limits a bit. This has been a great walk down memory lane and to see how far God has brought us and Andrew. It's amazing all the parallels God shows us with our kids adoptions and His adoption of us. He truly is amazing and worthy of all of our praise!!!!!! Love you guys!!!